About Orroroo Kangaroo

Kangaroo Meat

Orroroo Kangaroo was born in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia and is the brand name for Dews Meats Pty Ltd.


Dew’s Meats Pty Ltd was established in Orroroo in 1977 by Syd and Rhonda Dew in response to the growing demand for Kangaroo meat products from health conscious people seeking an alternative to other traditional meat varieties.


Dew’s Meats has worked with award winning butchers to develop our range of high quality kangaroo meats processed to a high standard and stringent government requirements for meat processing, food safety and particular requirements for the Kangaroo meat industry.


Today Orroroo Kangaroo is the first choice for many leading chefs

and restaurateurs seeking to create authentic full flavoured lean



Dews Meats has many years’ experience working with Kangaroo.

We continually work with food industry professionals to bring out the very best Kangaroo meat products and have won numerous awards.

We produce products that would normally be made using lamb, beef, pork and chicken with outstanding results.


Our products are only made from Kangaroo meat including pastrami, mettwurst, pepperoni, schnitzels, sausages, burgers, stir-fry, kransky, fritz, kabanos, and jerky as well as the normal meat cuts.

With the Flinders Ranges on our doorstep and the ability to produce products that win gold, silver, and bronze medals we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest when it comes to premium Kangaroo meat products.