Orroroo at the Cellar Door



The Orroroo Kangaroo Delicatessen range is magic with a glass of wine.


We are really keen to work with Cellar Door operators in South Australia to offer samples from our Delicatessen Range to accompany your wine tastings.



For more information please contact us.

Orroroo Kangaroo Meat is produced in Orroroo in the Flinders Ranges located in the outback of South Australia.

Orroroo Kangaroo is a trademark owned by Dew’s Meats, a meat processing and packing company established in 1977.


Products include: kangaroo meat, kangaroo boneless leg meat, kangaroo mince, kangaroo shanks, kangaroo sausages, kangaroo bacon, kangaroo leg roast, kangaroo corned boneless leg, kangaroo tails, kangaroo mettwurst, kangaroo pepperoni, kangaroo pastrami, kangaroo burgers, kangaroo fillets, dried free range kangaroo pet products, kangaroo pet treats, kangaroo leather wallets, kangaroo leather golf gloves, kangaroo leather belts, kangaroo leather hats, kangaroo leather jewellery pieces.


For more information contact

Dews Meats Pty. Ltd.

Meat Processing - Eighth Street ORROROO SA 5431

Products & Souvenirs  - 26 Second Street ORROROO SA 5431

Phone: 08 8658 1063 Fax: 08 8658 1271 Email: sales@orrorookangaroo.com.au

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