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Kangaroo Meat Prepared
Kangaroo Meat Prepared
Kangaroo Meat Prepared
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Kangaroo Meat Prepared
Kangaroo Meat Prepared
Kangaroo Meat Prepared
New Online Shopping at Orroroo

Thursday March 5 2015


We are excited to announce that we have launched two new online stores stocking a wide range Orroroo Kangaroo products. We ship anywhere in Australia and will be shipping worldwide soon. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at


Here are the two stores we've launched:


Orroroo Kangaroo Premium Fashions

We've put together a collection of the best Kangaroo leather you'll find anywhere. From hats, to belts to handbags, we've got it all! Kangaroo leather is unsurpassed in durability, strength and lightness along with being completely beautiful and soft.


Orroroo Kangaroo Pet Treats

Treat your dog with Orroroo's 'Our Pet' line of pet snacks. They are delicious, low in fat, and full of natural flavour. Our all-natural 100% kangaroo treats contain no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours. Great for dogs that have food allergies or need new proteins. Perfect for training or for everyday use as a "Good Dog" treat. Your dog will love them and you too! 

Find Orroroo in the shops near you!

January 2014



You can find Orroroo Kangaroo in most Australian States, check our website for an up to date list of stockists and find Orroroo In the shops near you.


Made in Australia Car Show, Strathalbyn SA

26th January 2014



Orroroo Kangaroo served up some tasty lunchtime treats on Australia Day at the The Cars of Australia event at the Strathalbyn Oval Complex – an event for all motoring enthusiasts and a great day for the family! The Cars of Australia event is an idea way to contribute to the town and community of Strathalbyn, and what better day to hold such an event, but on Australia Day!


Cellar Door Festival, Adelaide SA

14th - 16th February 2014



The CELLAR DOOR FESTIVAL is a MAJOR food/wine event in South Australia which showcases various wines from across the state and also showcases regional food from established and new producers. It happens each year in February – and even with the Fringe, Adelaide Festival, Clipsal all happening it still manages to draw a really good enthusiastic crowd.


ORROROO were fortunate enough to display our goods at the Cellar Door Festival in Adelaide over the weekend as part of the Southern Flinders Tourism & Tastes stand. A few thousand people packed the Adelaide Convention Centre over three days and lots of discussion was around the food and the fires. Southern Flinders Ranges has endured a cruel summer and people have had to overcome a lot of emotions and hurdles over the past few weeks….     


There was a real buzz around the stands. Our Orroroo Kangaroo smallgoods (Mettwurst, Pepperoni, Smoked Meats) – sold out COMPLETELY by Saturday afternoon – It's great to see our premium quality produce is in HUGE DEMAND!


Tasting Australia, Town Square, Adelaide SA

27th April - 4th May 2014


For 2014, Tasting Australia’s theme was Origins and the recognition of a sense of place.

The theme of Origins aimed to celebrate that realising that ‘where you are’ is the ‘who you are’ of modern Australian food, wine and tourism experience. Tasting Australia 2014 offered Orroroo Kangaroo a chance to show our unique regional produce to many foodies in Adelaide. We were located in the Southern Flinders Ranges Food Stall, and revellers enjoyed our unique Kangaroo Smallgood products, and some also enjoyed pairing with with local wine from Bundaleer Wines.



Improvements to traditionally less health meat products!

December 2013



One significant area where Orroroo Kangaroo is making the most headway is in sales of processed meats.


There are many people who love their mettwurst, sausage meats and bacons but are concerned about their health. Orroroo Kangaroo produce a range of delicatessen style meat product contains a much lower proportion of fat and other additives. This has enabled lovers of processed meats to enjoy these tasty products with less concern about health effects.

Award Winning Premium Kangaroo Meat Products!

December 2013



Orroroo Kangaroo is a premium product selected from locally harvested Kangaroo from around the Flinders Ranges and Mid-North of South Australia.

Orroroo Kangaroo is available in a wide variety of products including pastrami, mettwurst, pepperoni, schnitzels, sausages, burgers, stir-fry, kransky, fritz, kabanos, and jerky as well as the normal meat cuts.

“We have won an extraordinary amount of awards for our products including Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at showings by AMIC (Australian Meat Industry Council)” said Ms Ackland.






New Website, New Brand!

Friday 18 October 2013



After 36 years trading as Dew’s Meats, we’ve changed our brand name to Orroroo Kangaroo - but we are still continuining to provide Premium Kangaroo Meat Products... don't worry!

It just seems so obvious we don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! We are very excited to have launched our new brand and website. We hope you like it too.